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Well, I'm back now after 6 months maternity leave and I am not sure whether it feels like I've been away or not.  It is great to be back at the TSB where a lot is happening, as always.  I have tried my best to keep up with things but please bear with me while I get up-to-speed.  


Our Technology-Inspired Feasibiliy Study competition is open now and it is great to arrive back in time to see what ideas this brings forward. 


The impact of recent developments in technology didn't leave me untouched as I took on the timeless role of motherhood.  I didn't know whether to be impressed or worried when my GP looked up a drug on Wikipedia when trying to determine whether or not it was safe to dispense to a nursing mother. 







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Hi Zoe,

Welcome back - the Wikipedia thing, hmmm!

Posted on 16/03/12 21:09.