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Forex v Online Brokers

Now a days, various traders going for internet trading might be because of trend or they might find this trading technique easy. There are various advantages of doing trading online. Now what the forex actually means. Forex basically relates to foreign exchange currency like buying and selling of different currencies. 


Now, study some difference between Traditional broker and Online broker. Traditional brokers are kind of humans which guides you to select right type of stock at right time. They have lot of experience studied well and researched all types of documents before guiding you. This can prove advantageous to many traders. The only disadvantage having that they charge very high commission fee and the trading process is very slow. Long term investors might get benefit from their services. 


On the other hand, Online Brokers perform or gives same guidance to traders with low commission rates and through internet. They use different trading platforms and tools and also provides real time updates with charts and graphs, the most important they are available 24*7. 


As there is no direct human involvement and the rates are also low as compared to traditional brokers. The transaction payment takes no time via internet while in traditional type it takes a week or even month to transfer the transaction fees. With the help of online trading you have more control over your money. 


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