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A little more about Walter...

Walter founded WTIS Ltd in the late 1990s, whilst working for Siemens, and it was incorporated in 2001. It provides a vehicle for strategic consultancy in relation to technology innovation and its application to transform industry and society, with particular awareness and expertise in the soft factors arising from culture and relationships. 

From 2000-2011, Walter served as CEO of Mobile VCE, in which role he led the company development from an as-yet-unproven UK initiative into a globally-impacting organisation, working with international telecom companies, academia and government, developing processes that delivered independently-assessed, world-class research & innovation. 

Walter has organised and led industry missions to China, Korea, Japan, USA, as well as working with overseas telecom industry delegations visiting the UK and many different parts of UK, and overseas, government. 

As well as developing cross-cultural consensus and managing shared, strategic R&D for a variety of companies - including Alcatel-Lucent, BBC, Fujitsu, Huawei, Hutchison, NEC, Nokia-Siemens, Orange, Thales, Toshiba, Turner, Vodafone - Walter has served on Government R&D funding bodies, advised the European Commission, the UK wireless regulator OFCOM, and more. 

Walter seeks to utilise his depth and breadth of experience on suitably interesting assignments that can make a strategic difference at national and international level for society and industry. His service to the telecoms industry was publicly recognised in 2008 through the award of an OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire).