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The Challenge

Vocational education is one of the fastest growing and most valuable global education markets. The use of digital learning technologies in this education market segment is no longer optional. It has become an integral part of teaching and learning both in and outside of traditional learning settings.  However many classrooms and places of training look very similar today compared to a century ago.

Yet the demand for and importance of efficacious and cost effective delivery methods for vocational training is increasing at an unprecedented rate, for instance, to help retrain unemployed people and prepare them for new roles of employment or develop skills and productivity in fields where sustainable costs of implementation, health and safety, or high levels of technical detail are difficult to attain.

The UK is home to international commerce and deployment of technology and has a vocational and technical training market reportedly worth some £3bn in revenue each year with the global estimated value of the market to be nearly £197bn. The UK also has some considerable advantage over international competitors as global demand for technical and professional training using the English language is high.

The Association for Learning Technology describes ‘learning technologies' as the broad range of communication, information and related technologies than can be used to support learning, teaching, and assessment. In this context, new and exciting technology applications using VR, AR, and Immersive 360 video offer exciting opportunities to develop novel processes and pedagogies (i.e. ways of teaching and learning) that engage learners in innovative ways. Immersive environments offer an opportunity to train people in previously unimaginable ways that encourage and embed deeper learning.  This challenge therefore seeks innovative proposals for technology enabled solutions that create scalable VR, AR, tools, services or interactive immersive experiences to assist in the delivery of vocational training and learning.

Successful proposals in this field should consider:

●      who the innovation is aimed at and how it would deepen their teaching and/or learning

●      how the solution could be scaled, made accessible and taken to market

●      how impact-driven learning using this technology could be measured and assessed

Successful applicants will trial their technology solution in partnership with global education company Pearson plc. 

Awards: 6 x £35,000

Contest Brief

Guidance for Applicants

Deadline: Noon, Tuesday 18th  August