Virtual and Augmented Reality Innovation Contest


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This £210K IC tomorrow contest seeks to encourage innovation in virtual and augmented reality technology.


Are you a digital start-up or SME seeking funding?

With Oculus hitting the market in 2016, followed by virtual reality headsets and content offerings from global giants such as Sony, Samsung, HTC and Microsoft to follow, VR has finally moved from the realms of science fiction into commercial reality. While gaming and entertainment are the primary focus at launch VR holds great potential to change many other aspects of our lives, from education and health to engineering and retail.

Addressing this growth and promise, IC tomorrow has launched a £210K Innovation Contest for businesses and start-ups, inspired by the latest developments in VR/AR.

The contest is supported by leading industry partners who have each set broad challenges to encourage commercial, creative and technical innovation, exploring the themes of smart construction, immersive retail, enhanced medical training and care, next-gen vocational education, tactile experiences and amplified music experiences.

Aside from securing up to £35,000 in funding, the six winning entrepreneurs will each have the opportunity to trial their technology with the respective contest challenge partner: Crossrail, John Lewis, Queen Mary University London, Enteric HTC and Royal London Hospital, Pearson, King's College London, Konica Minolta and Ericsson and Columbia Records.


Application deadline: 12 noon on Tuesday 18 August 2015


Want to find out more?

You can get more information about the challenges in the guidance for applicants.

We will be running a briefing event in London on 13 July 2015 and in Manchester on 15 July 2015 to give potential applicants the opportunity to learn more about the contest, gain hints and tips on applying, and learn more about the challenges. We will also be inviting the challenge partners to attend and answer your questions. For more details and to register for one of our briefing events click here.

View the webinar here

Awards: 6 x £35,000

Contest Brief

Guidance for Applicants

Deadline: Noon, Tuesday 18th  August

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