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The Challenge

AR/VR has the potential to open up entirely new ways for audiences and fans to engage with musicians and their music.

There is an enormous range of possible VR/AR solutions which could have an impact on audiences and their enjoyment of music and artists. For example, communications between artists and their fans can become more engaging and intimate; access to immersive musical environments may become more innovative; and fans might discover new ways to enjoy musical content and products.

Record labels have already begun experimenting with immersive audio-visual content as a new way of connecting artists with their audiences, enabling fans to gain access to experiential environments such as live music experiences or album products and bringing global fan-bases closer to their favourite artists.

However, due to the nascent state of this technology, compelling VR and AR content is currently expensive and time consuming to produce and requires niche expertise. In order for VR/AR experiences to proliferate widely to a mass market, methods to bring VR creation into the mainstream are of interest to music and other entertainment companies.

This challenge is therefore to create tools, services, platforms or products which enable immersive experiences which connect fans with artists and their content.  A key part of the challenge is creating a technological means of doing this which is practical and scalable to an industry wide-level and solves the difficulties involved in producing these experiences which bring the audience into the artist's world.                 

The successful applicant should consider:

·       Proposals for innovative tools, processes, products or services that enable music fans to share in immersive experiences with artists and their content.

·       Creating technologies which enable communication, content production or shared immersive environments which would deepen the audience's connection with an artist and/or their music.

·       How their technology would be scaled and used across industry. This contest is not looking for a one-off experience or event.

This challenge set in conjunction with Columbia Records will give successful applicants the opportunity to trial their solution using content and assets from Columbia's roster of international artists.


Awards: 6 x £35,000

Contest Brief

Guidance for Applicants

Deadline: Noon, Tuesday 18th  August