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Autonomous sensing, avionics and advanced navigations
Examples Autonomous systems (above, on, and underwater), including remote command and control; Tide, weather and current monitoring for optimized vessel trim, routing and navigation; Next generation trim and stability controls for energy efficiency and safety; Efficient Human interface with systems - including user adaptable information to encourage operational efficiencies.
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Light weighting
examples Light weight or lower carbon and more corrosion resistant materials Structural optimization, e.g. by modeling and FEA, and use of alternative materials and construction techniques Biomimicry Reductions in ballasting weight
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Positioning and communications
Space and satellite communication systems; Self mooring systems / positioning and docking; Pseudo dynamic positioning – through electronic controls and integration; Better interfaces for ease of use of complex on-board systems; Advanced smart, intuitive and easy to use navigation systems; Cost efficiencies in communication and positioning systems;
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Smart green propulsion and alternative low carbon/emission systems
Examples Electric propulsion – advanced propulsion motors, magnetic drives and controllers; Mechanical energy storage devices; Power management systems; Electric drives including variable speed pumps and fans; Intelligent thermal management – heat produced and captured; Variable speed transmissions for optimized matching of engine output to power and propulsion load requirements; Hybrids; series / parallel – including ferry and port operations (e.g. tugs, pilots); Engine exhaust after treatment – NOx, SOx e.g. for Marpol AnnexVI compliance; Prime movers – combination of engine, heat and power recovery (CHP); Developing propulsion and energy generation systems for alternative fuels; Monitoring and reducing/capturing emissions; Batteries;
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Smart materials
Examples Smart and multifunctional materials e.g. radar (shielding for security or increasing signal returns for safety), antennae, sensors, energy storage, energy harvesting, morphing materials for hulls and propellers Embedding sensors Anti-fouling and low friction coatings to include hull, shafts, drives, rudders, propellers and other appendages Marine applications for drag reduction materials /systems Fire-resistance improvements Self repairing materials Cost efficiencies in material forming and 3D production Nano-material exploitation Efficient use of composites with metal structures, joining and optimising
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Vessel design and Engineering
Examples Hydrodynamics; Improved efficiency of manufacturing processes – eg automated composite layup and fibre replacement, modular and kitted assemblies, and processes to reduce material consumption, waste, energy use and carbon emissions;
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