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Is there interest in the marine community for lightweight metallic structures?

Stephen Kyle-Kenney of TISICS (TISICS is a UK-based SME specialising in the development and manufacture of silicon carbide fibre and titanium matrix composites) has made a comment on an article on our partner network, Composites in Ships:

Whilst the focus and most immediate composite solutions will focus on polymer systems, is there interest in the marine community for lightweight metallic structures?

TISICS has been asked whether our high strength and stiffness titanium composites provide an alternative to high strength steel for performance or interface to CFRP.

The link is made between the corrosion resistance of titanium composites and the through life costs of marine hardware. But as TISICS does not have a marine industry background it is difficult to identify the types of component where the benefit can be exploited economically by the operators.

Shafts and even fasteners have been suggested but do these really create a performance or through life cost issue now?

If anyone has any thoughts on this, both for Stephen and for the wider community, that'd be great!  

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