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Boeing subsidiary Jeppsen to supply systems to BP Shipping to save fuel for crude oil and LNG shipments globally

Jeppesen, the Boeing subsidiary that specialises in navigational information, operations management solutions and flight training products and services, had won a contract to supply BP Shipping, one of the world’s largest operators of oil and liquid natural gas (LNG) tankers. 

The contract will result in the installation of Jeppesen’s Vessel and Voyage Optimization Solution (VVOS) on 52 BP vessels carrying crude oil and LNG. The contract also provides for integration of Jeppesen’s Fleet Manager shoreside component into BP Shipping operations. Fleet Manager will be used to track BP’s owned and chartered vessels.

According to Jeppesen, its VVOS product will help BP vessels to optimise their routing and engine settings for increased efficiency, minimise risks such as cargo loss and weather damage, and reduce fuel costs. 

Jeppesen’s Fleet Manager component allows BP’s shoreside managers to monitor vessel performance at sea, while receiving detailed reports on any vessel’s current operating environment. In addition, Jeppesen’s Vessel Routing Services provides support to analyse ship data and respond with round the clock route planning and advisory services to optimise operational efficiency.

Jeppesen, based in Englewood, Colorado and with a UK office in Crawley, West Sussex, say they can provide several operational advantages to BP Shipping and its vessels at sea. These include the ability for Ship Masters to optimise routes according to Speed, ETA, Fuel Consumption and Ship Motions (based on detailed computer models of BP vessels and predicted impacts according to weather). In addition, C-MAP electronic charts are built into both the shore and vessel based software interface, allowing vessels to perform depth and obstruction checks before accepting a route.

Jeppesen offers a wide range of navigation and operations products and services to both recreational and commercial marine markets, as well as flight navigation support. According to its Wikipedia page, on 23 October 2006 the New Yorker reported that Jeppesen handled the logistical planning for the CIA's extraordinary rendition flights. The company was named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on 30 May 2007, on behalf of individuals who were allegedly subject to extraordinary rendition, and therefore subject to torture, in contravention of US law and international conventions. The suit was dismissed in February 2008 after a motion from the United States government, and on 16 May 2011, the Supreme Court declined to review the decision of the Ninth Circuit to dismiss the case.


Jeppesen agrees three-year partnership with BP shipping to supply VVOS navigation product to save fuel

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