Adding news articles, or commenting

A unique opportunity for members of this group

We grant members of this group permissions which enable signed-in members to post news articles to the group.

Note that we reserve the right to remove material deemed to be inappropriate, and permissions to post can be rescinded at any point.

Guidelines for posting a comment on someone else's article:

  • Log in - only logged-in members can post comments.
  • Click on the 'News Articles' tab.
  • In the 'News Articles' page, click on the title of the article you want to comment on.
  • Click on the 'Add Comment' link and enter your comment - be constructive.
  • Click on the 'Reply' button to post your reply.
  • Don't post anything you don't want the whole world to see - depending on the visibility of the original article - these pages may be searchable by standard Internet search tools such as Google.

Guidelines for posting a news article:

  • Make sure you are logged in.
  • Click on the News Articles tab, and click <Add new> <blogs entry>.
  • Make the headline of your article as eye-catching and specific as you can.
  • Try and make your article short and punchy and easy to read; you can also link to other materials.
  • Articles should be your own work - if you use material from somewhere/one else, please make sure you cite it correctly - you are responsible for the content of your own post.
  • Think about the audience - try to encourage response, comments and dialogue.
  • Explain how your theme fits in with other things or how it can be utilised in the context of something else, explain why it's interesting or important, pique people's interest!
  • Be original.
  • Be positive.
  • Opinions are fine, as long as you can support them with evidence!
  • If you are telling people about a technology or are seeking business or research partners, please be as clear as you can about what you are offering and what you are seeking, without compromising your intellectual property.
  • On main articles, you can use HTML (click "Source" in the WYSIWYG editor), link to other web-pages, embed video, point to files in your personal area (you'll need to upload them first). 
  • TAG YOUR POST with key words that describe your article, technology or proposal.  This is very important as it means that anyone searching on _connect for something similar, with the same words, will be signposted to your posting.  Separate each word or expression with commas.  (Find out more about tags with the Wikipedia entry.  If you want any help or advice on posting articles, contact us!)
  • Set the permissions of your post to dictate who can see it.  If you set permissions so that anyone can see it, remember that this means the whole world, as these pages are indexed and returned by standard search engines such as Google.  If you want to get your ideas, products, services and capabilities out into the world, here is an easy way to do it!
  • Make sure that your profile is up to date (log in and click on your picture in the top right hand side of the page, or click on Dashboard) and has your contact details so that if anyone wants to follow up with you on your posting, they can do so easily.

Do not.....

  • Do not post offensive material, adverts or other marketing material.  Such posts will be removed without warning, and persistent abuse will result in your blogger rights and ultimately your membership being rescinded.
  • Do not post the same content or comments over and over again in different places.
  • Do not post articles or comments that are inappropriate or out of context for their placement - we reserve the right to remove inappropriate material without warning.
  • Do not tamper with other people's posts - this is an honour system, please be considerate.

Guidelines for posting a document in your personal area (you can link to this in your post):

  • Log in - you won't be able to post anything unless you have logged in.
  • Look in the top right hand side of the page next to your picture, and click on Dashboard, then, below your long "banner" picture, click on Documents.
  • Click on Add Folder (if you haven't already created your own folder). Otherwise, select the folder you want to place your document into.
  • Click on Add > Basic Document.
  • Fill in all the fields, remembering to tag your document with relevant keywords to help other people and _connect me find it, and click upload.
  • Find and save the url, to use as the link in your blog post.
  • Write a blog article (a couple of lines if that's all you want to write) summarising the document (e.g. where it's come from, why it was written, who was involved in writing it, where it's been published, what technological areas - if any - it covers, etc) and why you think people might be interested in it and link to your document.

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