Urban Living

Welcome to the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) Urban Living Community Group

The Vision

To deliver a community website that serves as trusted primary resource area for Urban Living technology high growth potential UK practitioners; facilitated by the Knowledge Transfer Network and utilised by the community.

Our Mission

We live in exciting and interesting times and in the UK we have a significant opportunity to become a world leader in the design, development and deployment of urban living solutions. Cities are the most important arena for future innovation. With two-thirds of the world's population projected to be living in cities by 2050, the urban context is where the sustainability challenges of the future, such as inequality, food security, climate change, air quality and water scarcity, will be most intense. Addressing these challenges in an integrated way not only has the potential to improve human wellbeing and help cities function within environmental limits, but presents a significant commercial opportunity for UK business globally

The mission of the Urban Living operation of KTN is to support the development of UK urban living and future city solutions that are operating among these challenge-led markets, by bringing together independent but interrelated organisations to stimulate innovation through knowledge transfer.

Why do this?

KTN is the UK's innovation network. It brings together businesses, entrepreneurs, academics and funders to develop new products, processes and services.  We help business to grow the economy and improve people's lives by capturing maximum value from innovative ideas, scientific research and creativity

Working in partnership with our stakeholders groups, key objective are to

·         Increase business-led R&D in the UK

·         Facilitate exploitation of R&D to capture more UK value from innovation

·         Increase collaboration between businesses (B2B) and between business and research base (B2R) for UK benefit.

Further Reading/Reports

"Solutions for Cities" published by the Technology Strategy Board & Arup 

"Smarter Environment for London" published by the Greater London Authority

"Future Cities UK, Investing in places to live, work and Play" published by Innovate UK  

"Connected Systems Final Report" Published by the Future Cities Special Interest Group