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Sustainable Regeneration - from Evidence-based Urban Futures to Implementation


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RoofKrete is on Grand Designs

Roy Jenkins of RoofKrete is one of our valued Expert Panelists.

RoofKrete is being shown on Grand Designs for a house in Hereford.
It is on Channel 4 at 9.00pm Wednesday 12th October and don't worry if you miss that one as you can catch it again on Channel 4 at 3.10pm Sunday 16th October.
Kevin McCloud says this house is his best ever and that RoofKrete is a great product.
If you would like any details or images on the Grand Designs House, please email RoofKrete (details below).
Hope you enjoy the show!




2 people have had something to say so far

Kevin McCloud saying this is his best house ever is probably a bit more meaningful that Bruce Forsyth saying "You're my favourites" emoticon
Will watch with interest...
Posted on 12/10/11 08:58.
After shopping around for a flat room for my new build,100 mSq. I decided to go for the RoofKrete system. Although the roofkrete system was double the price of a single ply membrane on paper it looked a great system. Unfortunately the roof leaks it leaks at many points and after 5 attempts to patch up the roof it still leaks. I have taken some 200 pictures of the roof from start to finish and even though I have photographic evidence of every patch and every leak the Roofkrete MD Roy Jenkins is still in denial that his system actually works. I have lost all faith in Roofkrete and am now preparing to reclaim my money via the courts. My roof still leaks. This roof has to come of which is going to be a massive expense. I Would not advises on this system and would strongly advice you do some thorough research. Should a new roof with a 30 year guarantee be leaking after 4 months?
Posted on 11/03/13 18:31.

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RoofKrete is on Grand Designs

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