Do you have any innovative technology or new idea, process, product or service that could bring positive change to the rail sector?

Yes? Then let the Unlocking Innovation Scheme (UIS) help you introduce your innovation to the industry.

The Unlocking Innovation Scheme

The purpose of the Unlocking Innovation Scheme is to build world-leading capabilities for rail through collaboration and challenge-led innovation. It aims to help suppliers bring their innovations to market and address client driven challenges.

It exists to boost the capability of the railway supply chain to innovate and bring to the table any new technology, processes and business models. In so doing, offer benefit to Britain's railways and grow our exports.

The main focus of the UIS is to create and encourage a dialogue between suppliers and clients, which is done through a series of free workshops. These workshops enable clients to share their challenges with a diverse range of suppliers and suppliers to share their capabilities with clients.

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