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Airbus Operations Ltd.

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Inst. Risk & Uncertainty, Liverpool

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GE / Alstom Power

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Jaguar Land Rover




Through the process of bringing a product from conception to commercialisation or operating complex processes, success rests on the careful management and control of risk in the case of many interacting uncertainties.

In HVM where models and simulation methods are concerned, these uncertainties are varied in nature and can be a result of:

  • parameter uncertainty,  the model is fed a set of deteministic values which do not capture the inherent variability of measurement systems
  • model uncertainties from assumptions the way in which the physical world is interpretted by mathematical models. 
  • unceratinties due to numerical solving errors the complexity of solving may nessitate numerical simplifications

As an example, designs obtained by deterministic models may become unfeasible when the uncertainties in the system parameters are considered, and where simplification in solving approaches are made further errors can be introduced. In short, there needs to be a transition from deterministic to stochastic thinking in design, analysis and manufacture