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UK Innovation Forum


Can I supply services to the forum membership?

Companies and organisations that wish to offer services to the members of the UKIF community can only join in exceptional circumstances. Please follow this link.


How much does it cost?

Individual membership costs £125 per annum, or £30 p.a. for academics or students. If you are employed by a research institution, or company or other organisation, and are involved in the commercialisation of technology, please call or email us for more information about the pricing of our services.


How many countries are represented?

UKIF represents only UK research institutions, but welcomes individual members from around the world.


Can I come to meet you?

We are a national organisation and our staff travel around, visiting our institutional members and using facilities all over the country for speaker meetings and face to face discussions. We would be very happy to meet individuals who are interested in the forum when we are in your area.


Can I advertise on the UKIF website, can I do that?

At the moment we do not allow anyone to place advertising on the site except our institutional members.


I have forgotten my login data – what can I do?

Contact us via email at