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Reinventing The Consulting Business Model

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Reinventing The Consulting Business Model
innovation management innovative business modeling
13/08/15 11:33
The two main principle ideas on which the traditional consulting business model is based on are:- (i) Hiring of highly talented resources and (ii) charging clients a fee for providing them the services from these talented resources on hourly or per day basis as per their expertise and/or manpower. The business model consulting swings more towards focusing on providing, and buying on the customer side which totally depends on the type of consulting or the brand. Innovation management plays an important role in defining this model. Many business organizations and emerging technology firms are now adopting this reinvention in their business model which help them to innovate and create successful product ideas on a short term and long term basis. Let's take an example of a social network for developer's platform which is continuously evolving with new ideas as recently they have reinvented their forum section to new interface so that it will be easy for the user to ask & post c, java, android, html, php questions and answers, etc. in this community which allow all type of tech users to engage in this c, php, java, android developer forum, etc.