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Expansion of social communities for niche sectors

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Expansion of social communities for niche sectors
innovation management
05/08/15 13:29
Business organizations are expanding social communities in order to increase their reach among their users. If we talk about IT industry, many companies are working on building these type of social communities in order to grab more users towards them. But, out of these only those firm are moving into the right path which are developing these social communities for a niche sector only. Let's take an example of two IT firms, one built a social network for all user, however the second firm has developed a social community for a niche sector, that is they developed an android developer forum for only the android developers community. Out of these two, the latter has good chances to get success in the IT industry because people are now looking for specific solutions and services. This is all about innovation management that drives a firm towards the right path. 

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