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UK Innovation Forum

Benefits of membership


Why join the UK Innovation Forum?

  • The forum’s institutional members will advertise here when they need management expertise to help them commercialise the innovative technologies produced by their academic staff. This will provide full time positions in spin-out companies, NEDs, project work, mentoring and so on
  • Individual members will also advertise for staff for the companies in which they work
  • Not all institutions will have a clear idea as to the best use for a new technology (e.g., would a new widget be more useful in aerospace or automotive?), so they will also open discussions with forum members about new technologies and members will be able to guide and fashion their commercial application
  • Discounts are available to UKIF members when seeking funds from selected angel networks
  • UKIF provides a news digest of items related to technology innovation and future trends to help members identify opportunities and select markets

What categories of membership are there?

Institutions; corporates; professionals; individuals; academics/students.

Which research institutions participate in the UKIF?

As at 22 March 2011, we are now endorsed, or directly supported, by 4 national research councils, 20 universities, 4 Seed Funds and 19 other bodies. Many more are discussing membership with us or have indicated that they will be joining. A full list is available here.

Who can join?

Anyone whose skills and experience are relevant to the purpose of the forum Who cannot join?

The UKIF is intended to provide a space for a meaningful exchange between individuals with a common purpose. For this to happen, we are obliged to exclude individuals and organisations that may wish to be a part of the UKIF but who do not fulfil the entry criteria.

What do you get when you join?

Free Membership to Shaping tomorrow

The UK Innovation Forum (UKIF) has reached agreement with Shaping Tomorrow, a research and analysis service engaged in future thinking and trends intelligence, to provide UKIF members with a Newsletter and ‘analysis level’ access to its database of insights. 

The fee for this level of access to Shaping Tomorrow’s site is normally £95 per annum but it is free for UKIF members . 

This provides access to 60,000 articles in a searchable database and UKIF members can follow their interests, wherever they lead as they explore the Shaping Tomorrow database.

The electronic newsletter is generally circulated weekly and is a UKIF selection from the 300 to 400 items added to the database each week.


The primary purpose of the forum is to allow UK research institutions to contact the business people with whom they would like to discuss the commercialisation of their new technologies. The forum’s management sees this as it’s most important task.

The staff of the UKIF will contact individuals directly when we learn of opportunities that appear relevant to the individual for association with, or employment in, spin-outs, or for the licensing of technology from member organisations.

There is also a job board, which members are encouraged to check for themselves.


The forum provides a bulletin-board, allowing for the posting of responses and discussions around these. Individual members are strongly encouraged to look at these regularly, as it is likely that projects that lead to spin-out opportunities will emerge from these discussions with forum members in which the academic institution concerned explores the applicability of technologies to various sectors and applications.


We will post items of news from member institutions and the wider world relevant to the forum.