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Transport Systems Catapult – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

We have had a number of queries over the last few weeks about the Transport Systems Catapult.

We have collated these together and present them, with responses, below.


You can also download a copy of the FAQs from the document library.

If you have further questions, please log in and comment on this article (or email us), and we will update the FAQs below and in the downloadable document.

Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask....(or hadn't got around to asking) about the Transport Systems Catapult


What is the Transport Systems Catapult, what will it do and how will it work?

The Technology Strategy Board is establishing a Transport Systems Catapult: a technology and innovation centre.  The Catapult will enable UK business to benefit from the rapidly growing market for innovative transport systems and services for which the global market is estimated to be in excess of £500 billion per annum. 


How can I get involved in the Transport Systems Catapult?

The Technology Strategy Board will issue an open invitation for you to register your interest in the Catapult.  These notes of Interest will enable the Technology Strategy Board to design a facility that is according to requirement, that will attract work and have a sustainable business plan.  The Technology Strategy Board will be responsible for designing the overall concept, building a comprehensive design on the various strengths of the organisations selected from those who have registered their interest in being involved.


When will the Registration of Interest be issued?

We currently understand that the Registration of Interest will be issued in May 2012.


Why should I register an interest in the Transport Systems Catapult?

If you would like to take your innovative transportation ideas to a place where you can discuss them securely and safely with potential customers, develop relevant standards, and test them in a live environment across a range of transport modes and against industry technical strategies; if you want to gain access to experts in universities and the transport industries and get advice on assessing development funding, then you are urged to register your interest in the Catapult.


How will I find out that the RoI has been issued?

Register on the Transport KTN and ensure you’ve got your settings set to receive notifications, follow us on Twitter, or log in and comment on this article.  We will send a notification to all Transport KTN members as soon as we know it’s been issued. 

We will also post an article to the KTN, Tweet it on our Twitter stream @transportktn, post it on our LinkedIn group, and post it as a comment on this article.  Anyone who has commented on this post will get an automatic notification of any further comments.


How will I be able to register my interest?

The Technology Strategy Board will post a Registration of Interest document on their website, which we will signpost you to.   The document will outline the role and functions of the Transport Systems Catapult and provide the information you require to enable you to decide if you would like to register interest in participating in the Catapult.


What sort of questions will the Registration of Interest ask?

Through extensive consultations with the transport sector and adjacent industries during 2011, facilitated by the Transport KTN, four cross-modal themes have been identified as the focus of the Transport Systems Catapult. 

For background information on this consultation, a comprehensive explanation of the selection of the themes and terms used below, and an indication of potential innovations in these areas, we recommend you read the document “Benefits of a Transport Systems Catapult Centre in the UK”, commissioned by the Transport KTN in December 2011.   This document can be found, with other relevant information, in the Transport KTN’s document library.

The cross-cutting themes are: 

  • Modal integration systems
  • Systems performance
  • Real time information
  • Business models

(see pages 33-38 in the document “Benefits of a Transport Systems Catapult Centre in the UK for examples of the above).

The Registration of Interest will enable the TSB to engage with the Catapult community on these four themes and so would like to hear from organisations or consortia interested in:

  • working with the Transport Systems Catapult in providing access to capability that will contribute to the centre meeting its objectives.
  • using the Catapult to meet your needs through collaborative R&D and/or commercial projects.

We were planning to join up with some other organisations to form a consortium.  Should we complete a Registration of Interest for the consortium as a whole, or should we complete a separate one for each of the consortium members?

The Technology Strategy Board will be looking to draw together the components of the Catapult rather than seeking a single solution from a consortium, so whether you're an individual organisation or part of a consortium, you are all welcome to complete the Registration of Interest.  


If I don’t register my/our company’s interest at this stage, will it mean that we can’t use or provide services via the Catapult when it is up and running?

If you don’t submit a Registration of Interest at this stage, it will not preclude you from being involved with the Catapult.  However, involvement in the initial stages of set up may enable you to have a greater influence on the early activities of the Catapult.


Are Registrations of Interest only welcome from large organisations?

Registrations of Interest are welcome from all types and sizes of organsations.


Will international companies be able to submit Registrations of Interest to the Transport Catapult?

Registrations of interest in the Transport Systems Catapult from international companies are encouraged and very welcome.   When you register, you will see the latest proposal for the role of the Catapult; what it will do and how.  If you have a substantial R&D commitment in the UK or can see the clear benefit to multi-modal R&D brought by Transport Catapult, then your involvement now will increase the influence you have over its formation.  The Catapult will be reinforcing and expanding the UK’s existing international reputation for world-class services across Transport.


I have a great business idea that is relevant to at least one of the four themes outlined, but I’m a lone partner/micro/SME.  Can I be involved in the Catapult?

Yes. The Transport Systems Catapult will bring together the UK’s transport organisations with world-leading ICT companies, innovative SMEs and leading universities to develop profitable new products and services. This will create unique technical capability to achieve new levels of systems integration. It will focus the transport community, driving collaboration to enable businesses to develop products and services for the growing market. 


Further background information on the Transport Systems Catapult and other Catapults can be found here:

(FAQs updated 3 May 2012)

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