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Transport Stakeholder Map

Members of the Transport KTN - and beyond - will be aware that there are many different stakeholders across the industry, representing different interests and areas of expertise.

We offer this stakeholder map as a first pass to help illustrate the complexity and range of interested parties, as well as provide a mechanism to enable you to connect and navigate your way through the stakeholder maze.

It is anticipated that this stakeholder map will grow and develop as you offer improvements, additions and make recommendations for how to arrange, present and manage it (within our resource restraints!) so that it is most useful.

The rationale and critria for selecting organisations that appear on the map was developed is as follows:

  • Organisations must have recognisable level of investment in the UK.
  • Organisations must have a recognisable manufacturing or R&D base in the UK.
  • Organisations must be involved in the public and private transport sectors.
  • Government organisations were included which had a direct influence on the transport sector either by supporting technology innovation, network development and control, or in regulation of vehicles and vehicle operators.
  • Non government organisations were identified as government sponsored organisations such as the centres of excellence and/or organisations involved in running significant public/private investment programmes involved in the transport sector
  • Academic groups and Universities included in this list have core degrees or significant post graduate studies relating to the automotive, road, rail and marine transport sectors.


  • Sales and product support organisation have not been included at this point in time.
  • Aerospace organisations have not been included.
  • Military transport and vehicle manufacturers have not been included.
  • Off road vehicles manufacturers were not included in the study unless involved in a cross-sectoral manner.

 view the stakeholder map.

To make suggestions or note omissions, please log in and post a comment, or email us (please let us know if you do not want us to post your suggestion as a comment).



9 people have had something to say so far

My initial thoughts are that under professional institutions we should include ICE - Institution of Civil Engineers.

Under Academia we should include Southampton University and Surrey University who both run transport related Master's programmes.

There are also lots of LA partnerships in their infancy e.g Transport for South Hampshire, Transport for Buckinghamshire etc .

Transport consultancies could also be included.

The Transport Planning Society which is a relatively new body supported by all the main institutions is also omitted. ACT Travelwise is another membership orrganisation focussing on sustainable transport.
Posted on 27/06/11 15:03.
Michael, Thanks for these recommendations. I am a bit embarrassed that the ICE and Southampton weren't on the original map, but I'm pleased that you have picked up these omissions.

Do you think that this map is useful? Its ultimate value will come from people using it regularly as a method to help funnel and filter their searches for information and connections. Do you think it can do this, or are there other sources of information, other than the usual search engines, that people use?

Thanks once again for your suggestions.

Posted on 27/06/11 17:58 in reply to Michael Jones.
I think there are a group of "service providers" like Trafficmaster, GTN and ITIS who both have significant UK presence and R+D, and also groups like the BBC providing services in transport.

Kingston and City Universities have new Transport systems MScs starting in the Autumn

I would also suggest significant group is the consultancy industry, who are currently providing export of skills abroad (good for UK plc) and have often been recognised internationally for their skills, as well as providing skills in the UK. You dont need to name them all ... only those beginning with "w"

And last but not least, given the meeting on Friday, are standards bodies like BSI, UTMC and so on .

I think the map is useful but not as a"map" - itn would be better to have it as lists that are easy to adapt and edit and search.
Posted on 27/06/11 20:11 in reply to Neil Ridley.
Very useful, Great to have the UK transport scene on one page. It would be even better if you could set up hyperlinks to each organisations website.
Posted on 28/06/11 09:05 in reply to Neil Ridley.
Received by email: "Interesting to see the UK Transport Stakeholder Map on the _connect website. I was wondering whether TRW should not have a mention - either as TRW (a large tier 1 supplier in the automotive supply chain - with both engineering and manufacturing in the UK) or as TRW Conekt - a provider of engineering services to the automotive industry and products to niche vehicle manufacturers."
Posted on 28/06/11 12:20.
Good map - suggest needs ITSO as well.


Logica (waiting for the System Integrator's category to be added to the map)
Posted on 28/06/11 18:57 in reply to Tessa Darley.
This diagram is a very helpful mindmap of the transport sector. Good work.

I would suggest adding Edinburgh Napier University to Academic Institutions offering transport/marine sector courses. Likewise, University of West England, home to Phil Goodwin et al. While not purely academic, PTRC is a training organisation.

Transport Media might form another stakeholder group- these have active fora and sustain many transport planning debates and some political engagement. The likes of LTT, Traffic, TEC and Transport Times. ACT Travelwise also publish newsletters.

In future, I could see it being necessary and more valuable to separate transport delivery from transport planning and offer two stakeholder maps to reflect that. The larger the map gets, the more daunting and potentially less useful it is.
Posted on 04/07/11 10:27.
Michael, Douglas, Theo and Andy, many thanks indeed for your comments about the stakeholder map. We will be aggregating these along with future feedback to update the map. Douglas, thanks too for the observation that the bigger it gets, the bigger and potentially less useful it becomes. Evidently, we will need to be quite specific about criteria for inclusion/exclusion as time progresses.

We would encourage people to keep posting their thoughts here, to provide as rich a picture as possible.

Posted on 04/07/11 14:56.
This is quite a challenge to summarise while covering everything.
There are some categories of organisation I can't immediately see:
- Bus,coach and tram operators.
- Air transport - is this in scope of the KTN? Even if not, airports are major land transport hubs as well. If covering those there are also sea ports and inland freight ports.
- Car park operators and equipment providers
- Green pressure groups - FoE, Sustrans, Transport 2000
- EU directives and funding streams - FP7 etc
- Insurance companies, toll operators, recovery operators other than AA and RAC.
-Supply chain could be expanded considerably - what is the criteria for inclusion?
Posted on 11/07/11 15:27 in reply to Tessa Darley.

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