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Transport Systems and Integration

The Strategy and Implementation Plan for Technology and Innovation Centrespublished by the Technology Strategy Board on 26 May identified a candidate list of 10 areas for possible investment in the next phase of its programme and said that TSB would be engaging with the relevant business and academic communities to assess what contribution a Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC) could make and what their focus might be.  We expect to be able to take three of these ten areas forward.

Transport systems and integration is one of the potential candidate areas.  This note starts the process for discussions with relevant businesses and academics.   We want to build on the excellent input we received in response to the Prospectus in January. We would welcome comments on the outline below and initial proposals for how we should engage.  We would particularly welcome comments from businesses in the sector with views on how they would engage with and benefit from the establishment of a TIC in this area.

Comments can be posted on our discussion forum or emailed to:   We will also be working closely with the Transport KTN.

Possible scope


The scope of a “transport systems and integration” TIC could cover modeling of transport systems and vehicles/people/goods within the system, plus the physical testing of novel approaches to integration of the transport system.  It would aim to help UK businesses involved in all parts of the transport supply chain: infrastructure, digital service providers, equipment suppliers, content suppliers, vehicle manufactures, public bodies, freight and public transport operators, research bodies, to work together to create new solutions to moving people and goods quickly, efficiently and cheaply. 

It would aim to stimulate investment in transport solutions which would strengthen UK economic performance and overcome difficulties in reaching environmental targets. It would help UK businesses to seize opportunities to provide leading edge transport systems and services around the world.   By tackling the challenges in a co-operative and multi-modal fashion, using systems engineering approaches and leveraging existing leading facilities the TIC could supply real-time end-to-end options across transport modes to move people and goods more quickly, efficiently and cheaply whilst reducing CO2/NOx emissions, congestion, fatalities and accidents and improve health and wellbeing.

Question – is this the right scope for a TIC in this area?



We want to explore in greater detail whether a TIC would be the most effective way of stimulating UK business growth in this area, rather than one of our other investment mechanisms.  Over the coming months we want to collect robust evidence on the benefits of TIC could provide in this area.

The information we need to collect to allow us to make a decision is as follows-

What is the size of the market for Transport Systems and Integration technologies and services?  What would the best scope be for the proposed TIC – should it include all modes (road, rail, sea, air)?  What role should the centre play in the community?  What services should it provide?What capabilities and would a TIC need to physically have (modelling capability, physical testing equipment, physical testing environment and infrastructure? What is the business commitment and support for working with a TIC? What is the UK plc investment case for a TIC? 

Questions - Can you provide evidence on these questions?   

                     What services would your business want a TIC in this area to provide?

Input from the Community


We expect to engage with the following groups:

Businesses of all sizes across the four transport sectors plus infrastructure developers, digital service providers, equipment suppliers, content suppliers, vehicle manufactures, public bodies, freight and public transport operators and nascent technology providers.Industry bodies – Automotive Council ,Rail Industry Association, Train Strategy Leadership Group, Marine Industry Leadership Committee, Marine Industry Association  etc.Academic communities/research base/Institutes with a capability in transport systems and integrations –including MIRA, Millbrook, TRL, Universities such as Newcastle, Coventry, City, Southampton etcOther Key stakeholders and funding bodiesTransport KTN – who will be a key enabler to helping us plan the engagementBIS Automotive Unit, BIS Advanced Manufacturing team, DfT, OLEV, CSAU, Scottish Enterprise, INI etc, Research Councils

Question: Are there other bodies to engage with?

                  Would you like to be involved in these discussions? If so please join this group and contribute to the discussion posts.

How we will engage


We expect to engage with the communities above through a series of structured events.

Initial development of a working committee to ensure we develop a full list of interested parties – including those responding to this consultation Structured workshops to develop answers to questions aboveDesktop Research for market data analysisOnline/webinars to focus on specific questions

Further details of events will be made public in this discussion space.  Please join this group to recieve updates and the latest news.


We expect the next phase of work to run to the following timetable 

June 2011 –consultations on the key questions to be addressed and identification of those to involve future work

July to September 2011 – Discussions/workshops  with interested parties to address  the questions outlined above 

September onwards – Review of evidence and analysis of case for TIC.

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