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Eco-Efficiency - What's in it for us?

During the Swedish Presidency of the EU a report with background material was prepared for a meeting of the Competitiveness Ministers at Umea on the 14-15th October 2009 with the title 'Eco-Efficiency - What's in it for us?'.    This document provides useful information on the current and projected values of different sectors of the 'Eco-Efficiency' market (Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Water Management, Sustainable Mobility, Green Power Generation, Materials Efficiency, Waste Management/Recycling). It discusses the concept of 'first mover' advantage and the potential for job creation.  Pathways to an eco-efficient economy and policies to facilitate the tranistion are examined. Here is the weblink Eco efficient_090929.pdf

World's Worst Polluted Places Report 2009

 I decided to follow up on a recent BBC news item on Lead poisoning in Nigeria resuting from artisanal gold mining activies. This led me to an interesting 'not-for-profit' organisation based in New York - the Blacksmith Institute. Their homepage states the following: -   'Toxic pollution poisons, cripples and kills over 100 million people, in particular children, in the developing world. This is a finite problem that can be solved in our lifetime. Blacksmith Institute works in some of the world's worst polluted places, sharing resources and expertise with local groups and agencies to solve pollution problems, clean up polluted sites, and save lives'.   Each year they produce a report on the World's worst polluted places which can be accessed via their website or at

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