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Mitsubishi to invest £100 million in Scottish green energy centre

First Minister Alex Salmond today welcomed plans by Mitsubishi Power Systems Europe Ltd (MPSE) to invest up to £100 million in an engineering facility to carry our research and development into offshore wind turbine technology.

MPSE will create a Centre for Advanced Technology in Edinburgh to pioneer ‘game changing’ green energy technologies towards mass production and will also acquire Edinburgh firm Artemis intelligent Power (AIP). The acquisition of AIP will safeguard 25 jobs and create 30 high-value engineering posts at the Scottish technology firm.

Over the next five years, MPSE expects to create up to 200 jobs at the new Centre and at AIP. If the technology is successful, this could lead to the creation of a major offshore wind turbine manufacturing site in Scotland.   

For furtehr details visit the Scottish Enterprise website.

Scottish Development International reports that MHI have also aquired the Edinburgh based business, Artemis Intelligent Power.

Artemis have developed a new system for hydraulic power technology and have received R&D support from both DECC and the Carbon Trust.


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