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Two electric vehicle related podcasts to subscribe to...

Here's a couple of transport related podcasts that I've recently subscribed to, both available in iTunes and other channels, that might be of general interest...


Fully Charged

Fully Charged, sponsored by British Gas, is a weekly video podcast from the creator of 'Carpool,' Robert Llewellyn - better known for playing Kryten in the science fiction comedy Red Dwarf. The show "takes a look at the realities of using electric vehicles, looking behind the myths, seeking the truth about electric cars".

In the 11 July episode Robert checks out two car sharing schemes in Berlin, Germany 

Drive Now, allows smartphone users to spontaneously hire its fleet of BMWs, incluidng Minis, from €0.29 per minute.

Car2go  offers the same rate per minute for spontaneous hire, or €12.90 per hour or €39.00 a day. 

Talking to Robert, Andreas Leo, Corp Communications Manager for Car2go, said the company operates in 11 cities, has 100,000 customers with a fleet of 1000 Smart fortwo mhd two seater car cars, as they are “the perfect urban mobility vehicle; easy to drive and park - and are efficient and fun to drive.”

“The first 30km are included. A fee charge per kilometre after that applies, but this is an urban concept; 97% of Car2go journeys are within the 20km range.”

Car2go plan to incorporate electric vehicles into their fleet next year and more the year after, and to launch in the UK market, in Birmingham, in the third quarter of 2012.

After trying these car share schemes Robert concluded “Maybe we don’t need to own cars, maybe we could just use them - with all the car clubs, the modern technology and Apps - you can find the nearest car, drive it and leave it. It’s brilliant. It’s much more energy efficient when you think that at any one moment 90% of cars not being used, which is kind of waste resource.”


Transport Evolved

Transport Evolved is a weekly show which focuses on the world of electric vehicles, hybrids and alternative fuels. This show is sponsored by and

Hosted by auto journalist Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield and a "weekly panel from the world of green fuels, we chat about the week’s news, from new vehicle announcements to real-world tests, insurance and consumer advice".

The latest show is Episode 112 for 27 July on “As Old As The Car You Drive” features Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, Michael Thwaite and Mark Chatterley discussing news in the world of electric cars, including a test-drive of the 2012 Model S Sedan from Tesla, Nissan's response to battery life concerns, and the oldest Chevy Volt driver.

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