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New compromise CO2 emissions rules - UK car makers couldn't possibly comment

In alerting of the outcome of last Wednesday's European Parliament's compromise agreement for future CO2 emission limits for cars, The Society of Motor Manufacturer's repeated the somewhat bizarre headline produced by The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) on the same vote...




Bizarre because of course MEP's vote will be politically driven, just as is the European car makers' counter-arguments are too.

Maybe they meant to say ideologically driven... but you can see that's would go down a dead end road for industry.


It's noteworthy that SMMT didn't add a comment of their own to ACEA's statement, other than to point to its findings that UK car makers appear to be meeting the currently in place targets with time to spare... plus small makers (under 1000 vehicles per year) will be exempt and a 'super-credit' system will give extra credit for more efficient vehicles so allowing the chance for extra time for less efficient vehicles to be improved.

So, while living in a political world, investment in low carbon vehicles may, indeed, not only offer environmental benefits but also economic advantages to those that take a lead.

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