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Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! - SERIOUSLY

Dan Benjamin's podcast QUIT! does not, in the main, advocate quitting your job, but to regularly evaluate whether you're placed to do whatever would be your best work.

Dan's certain that Justin Garrity should be exploiting his great idea of a kit to install iPad as a replacement interactive display in cars on Kickstarter - as he has already done on his 2012 VW Beetle with Custom iPad Mini dock in dash.


As Justin says in his blog "recently, VW announced the iBeetle in conjunction with Apple. Before this new integration was announced, I had a custom iPad Mini dock installed in the dash of my 2012 Beetle. From what I’ve read about the iBeetle, I think using the iPad Mini instead of the iBeetle’s iPhone integration results in a much better experience."

Justin arranged a custom installation of his iPad Mini into the dash with Musicar Northwest a local car audio installer, fabricating custom parts as a one-off job to eeplacing the standard audio system.

This looks really awesome - not just as he now has all his music and podcasts available to hand but also iPad compatible apps such as Waze and the amazing looking Dashcommand which turns an iPhone/iPad/iPod into an advanced display for engine data.

Dash Command



"I feel it really enhances the driving experience" recounted Justin on Quit! - to which Dan Benjamin issued the challenge that if he (Justin) didn't make a Kickstarter project out of this to finance the idea as a product by Monday (yesterday) he will steal the idea.

With no details given yet - Justin says he's doing it.

He better or someone else will surely make a killing. 


RDM Automotive's EV Blue iPad Car Interface project Niche Vehicle Funding

Last September Coventry-based RDM Automotive - thinking on similar lines - were recipients of a grant from the Niche Vehicle Network, for an electric vehicle demonstrator entirely controlled an Apple iPad.

This year's Niche Vehicle Networking funding round is currently open for applications, with a deadline for enquiries of noon on 3 June. 

Even if you have to quit your job.... er... well at least listen to show - and don't quit your job....



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