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BMW reinventing the scooter, but wouldn't connectivity be a natural fit for urban electric vehicles?

BMW C evolution e-scooter display



BMW Motorrad is currently exhibiting its near-production prototype C evolution e-scooter at the Olympic pavilion of the BMW Group at the London 2012 Olympic Park.

According to BMW, the proposed electric scooter can be fully charged in less than three hours and has a range of up to 100 kilometres. The e-scooter has storage capacity in its the battery of 8 kWh, claimed as the best level among e-scooters. The battery is charged via the integrated charging device, either at a regular household socket or a charging station. 

The BMW C evolution also offers braking energy regeneration - what BMW calls recuperation. The vehicle recuperates automatically whenever possible - either via engine drag torque in trailing throttle or during braking. This increases the range of the e-scooter by 10 to 20%, depending on riding style.

Something I noticed in the voice over, near the end of this promotional video from BMW, is that "The rider gets all the necessary information on charging, battery status and other information on a large and easily readable TFT display...."

1. Wouldn’t the driver also want to know where the nearest charging points are? Which would presume some connectivity of the display?

2. Why is TFT used as selling point? Most higher end laptop and mobile phone screens offer OLED (organic light-emitting diode) as a superior display technology to TFT (thin-film transistor). OLED dislplays can be brighter and consume less power, but may have shorter life.

3. Which prompts the obvious point - why wouldn’t BMW just not bother reinventing the display, and have the scooter dock as a giant dock for an iPad or Android tablet - and concentrate on the scooter technology and developing apps to optimise the scooter as a connected device?

4. I suppose the same could apply to all electric vehicle manaufacturers...


BMW Group UK is the Official Automotive Partner to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Its hybrid and zero emissions cars, motorcycles and bicycles provided by BMW Group for London 2012 will provide mobility for athletes and officials during the Games.

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