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Global LEAP competition - Off grid refrigeration

The UK's Department for International Development (DFID) Ideas to Impact Programme joined the Global LEAP Awards Off-Grid Refrigerator Competition, a global competition aimed at spurring innovation in the emerging off-grid refrigeration market and advancing access to modern energy services around the world.

Energy 4 Impact (a consortium member of Ideas to Impact)) is supporting the Competition in various ways, including advising on aspects of the prize’s design and of the field tests for the short-listed appliances.

The competition will offer three innovation prizes to incentivise advancements in off-grid refrigeration technology, while also recognising best-in-class commercially available off-grid refrigerators. With contributions from both USAID and DFID, each of the three innovation prizes in the competition are expected to be worth $200,000. Commercially available winners and finalists will also be eligible for participation in a new program designed to scale up clean energy access markets by incentivising bulk procurement of outstanding off-grid appliances.

Designers, developers, manufacturers, and distributors of off-grid refrigerators are encouraged to nominate eligible products at The deadline for nominations is 20 January 2017.


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