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Digital technology has resulted in a dramatic growth in DIY creativity in sectors such as music, fashion, film and games. Many applications for mobile devices such as the iPhone are being created by small and even micro-businesses. Enabling people to become involved in this process and contribute to the creativity in these sectors requires tools, platforms and methodologies to co-create products and services. These creative consumers will often benefit from engagement with the wider technology and creative communities. This Beacon Project will set out a vision of the future role of user involvement in the creative process and how this will impact both businesses and consumers. It will look at issues from user-generated content to co-creation methods that designers are increasingly using to get users up-front in the product development process.

"Technologies that enable designers, creative people as well as hobbyists to rapidly prototype and mock up potential products, services and experiences are seeing fast growth, as evidenced in the rapidly expanding DIY innovation, hacker spaces and Barcamp movements. We see a bright future for technologies that will support this and help educate a wider audience.”
Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, CEO and Co-Founder,!

The creative industries generate vast amounts of data but currently lack the ability to fully harness this potentially powerful information. Being able to capture and use this data will open tremendous opportunities to improve efficiency and build new customised and personalised services that will be both valued by consumers and create new business opportunities. This Beacon Project will explore all aspects of data around the creative industries and how businesses can exploit that data to build the intelligent and adaptive services and products of the future.

“Capturing and using data from how players act within a game offers great opportunities to develop more engaging games that draw on the experience and expectations of users. For massively multiplayer games this could result in play patterns generating new environments or scenarios. The challenge for the industry is to be able to capture, interpret and use the data quickly and in a way that adds real benefit to the player.”
Ian Baverstock, CEO Kuju Entertainment


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Creative Industries KTN worked with Transform and Golant Media Ventures to deliver this Beacon Project.


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