The Connected Human

Held on the 11th June 2014 in Cardiff as part of the Wales Festival of Innovation, this was an event that brought together an eclectic selection of speakers who hailed from backgrounds as diverse as healthcare, industry, academia, cyber security, big data and sensor technology, to name but a few. The symposium explored the opportunities presented by current and future technologies and their relevance to health and well being.

Throughout these pages you'll be able to find presentations from speakers from the event itself, read the latest articles, take part in and start your own discussions and watch some of the videos produced from the event.

A little about The Connected Human

Successful provisioning and delivery of care needs to be ‘patient centric’ both by design and intent. However, in this era of increasing connectivity and the “Internet of Things’, this one day event took it one step further and provided a tantalising glimpse of a multiverse where ‘the human’ is positioned at the hub of connectivity - a ‘Brave New World’, the home of ‘The Connected Human'

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Bionic Socrates - the Argument for a Hybrid Clinician

VentureFest Wales was hosted by Innovate UK and the KTN and held at Cardiff County Hall on...

The Chairman's Report - How to (amongst other things) Drill a Hole in the Head without Causing a Headache!

'The Connected Human', held on the 11th June in Cardiff as part of the Wales Festival of...

The Connected Human

By Ramaswami Ramanan   Millions of devices today connect via the internet,...

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Wed 09 Jul 2014

'Bionic Socrates' - The Argument for a Hybrid Clinician

15:00 until 17:00

The seminar attempts to address the Man-Machine symbiotic relationship that is increasingly...

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