What we do


On 8 May 2008 we launched our Strategic Plan: "Connect and Catalyse - a strategy for business innovation."

The plan sets out our focus over the next three years as well as provide a longer term perspective.

We want to make the UK a global leader in innovation.  To do so we need ensure the UK is a place where:

  • business is successfully competing at the forefront of technology and innovation developments globally;
  • Government provides a supportive and coherent environment which allows innovation to thrive;
  • society understands, embraces, values and is excited by innovation and technology.

The Strategic Plan explains the journey we will take to reach the destination of the UK becoming a global leader in innovation and how we will work to ensure UK business success by:

  • providing leadership;
  • working with different parts of Government to simplify and connect the innovation landscape;
  • ensuring the UK has the necessary capability in underpinning technologies;
  • addressing major challenges to create new business opportunities;
  • investing in people, networks and creating a culture supportive of innovation. 

To do all of this, Innovate UK has a budget for 2008-2011 of £711 million plus aligned funding from the Regional Development Agencies of £180 million and at least £120 million from the Research Councils. 

We will also continue to work with Government Departments and the Devolved Administrations further increasing the funding from those organisations aligned with our strategy. 

With over £1 billion to invest over 3 years we have the opportunity to start to make a difference in changing the innovation environment in the UK.


For more information check our website www.innovateuk.gov.uk


To download a copy of Connect and Catalyse - a strategy for business innovation click here.