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Workshop - Low Carbon Vehicles

In 2011 the Technology Strategy Board awarded funding to six consortia to undertake feasibility studies into the recycling and re-use of batteries for low and ultra low carbon vehicles.   Those six projects are now complete and the findings will be presented at a workshop on 29th January 2013. Watch Online by clicking here.

 The studies explored two main areas:

·  potential processes for the cost-effective recycling of batteries for the propulsion of low and ultra low carbon vehicles, including detailed process flow and identification of the value of recovered elements;

·  the potential development of commercial opportunities from the re-use of batteries after their primary use in low and ultra low carbon vehicles, including demonstrating energy remaining at various stages and its suitability and market demand for re-use.

 The workshop will hear presentations on both these areas and will be followed by a discussion on remaining legislative and technical issues.

The seminar will take place from 1pm on 29th January at the IMechE, One Birdcage Walk, London.  To register interest please contact Rebecca Trengove of Axeon on rtrengove@axeon.com or tel. 01382 400040.  Because of space restrictions it is limited to two delegates per organisation; however, you can Watch Online as an alternative to personal attendance.


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