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Connected Cities

Big data opens up new opportunities for more sustainable and resilient planning, urban design, developments and regeneration.

This one day conference, designed for town planners, architects and developers will explore the role of data and how it can be used to improve town planning and the design of a people-centred, sustainable and resilient built environment.

Why you should attend

  • Understand how data can help better planning
  • Learn how data can help create people-centred cities
  • Find out about the challenges of scaling up data and IoT
  • Understand the power of data to increase sustainability and resilience
  • Hear about big data will transform BIM from a building-level to city-level tool.
  • Learn about new and emerging solutions
  • Listen to thought leaders
  • Network with speakers, sponsors and delegates

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All Day
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Altitude London

Millbank Tower

United Kingdom