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CoInnovate 2015

Welcome to CoInnovate, a flagship event designed to bring the world’s leading innovators together in the spirit of collaboration.
All organisations, large and small, need to work together and align resources in developing new technologies and bringing products to market faster.
If you have a passion for innovation, CoInnovate is your opportunity to join like-minded academics and businesses, from SMEs to multinationals, with a shared drive for open innovation.
The first event of its kind, CoInnovate, merges an open innovation conference with engaging workshops. Two-days where investors and the academic, SME and industrial community will share best practices, pitch technologies and explore real business-led challenges presented by world-leading organisations; Airbus, General Dynamics UK and GE Healthcare.
CoInnovate is your chance to discover inspirational technologies, learn how successful ecosystems can positively impact organisations and explore exciting opportunities in Digitalisation, Healthcare and Defence & Security.

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