Innovate UK is the UK's innovation agency.


We take the lead in stimulating technological innovation that benefits businesses, increases economic prosperity and delivers a better quality of life.

  • We invest in new ideas.
  • We help businesses tap into new markets.
  • We build networks that provide the right conditions for collaborative innovation.
  • We connect organisations and individuals.

And we champion new ways to encourage innovation throughout industry.

Innovation is essential to respond to the challenges of today and tomorrow. We are creating an environment in which bright ideas can form and thrive. We are the catalyst for UK innovation.

Helping businesses respond to societal challenges

Some of the world's great challenges represent opportunities for UK businesses to develop new ideas. Climate change, an ageing population and increasing cyber security threats are sparking exciting new products and services. About 50% of our annual budget is spent on investing in business innovations that tackle such challenges head on.

Making the most of UK technological innovation

The UK has leading expertise in many cutting-edge technologies. Our academic capabilities are outstanding. We help businesses make the most of new UK research so they can benefit from Britain's best brains.

Creating an innovation climate

We are creating an environment where innovation thrives. Ideas rarely come to individuals in an isolated spark of genius. We are using new approaches to deliver a business culture where people are inspired to develop innovative ideas, share them with others, develop commercial relationships and so enhance wealth and quality of life.

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