Technology Roadmapping

The process of technology roadmapping provides a framework for collaboration between different industries, stimulates innovation by linking market drivers with technology challenges, and provides a method for sharing crucial strategic knowledge between the market, industry, research, academia and government.

Industry Roadmaps

Collaborative industry groups from the rail, automotive and marine industry sectors have been working to create high level routemaps for their respective sectors.  You can find out more about these sector-specific roadmaps under the relevant tabs above - Rail, Marine and Automotive.

Roadmap Convergence

Through our work with industry, in tandem with reviewing the three roadmaps, a number of common strands across all sectors have emerged which indicate themes around which significant knowledge and technology exchange may be had.  We have groups on the Transport KTN which enable you to find out about common themes under the following headings

  • Energy Efficiency (covers propulsion and alternative fuels as well as materials including lightweighting and coatings, etc)
  • Intelligent mobility (covers intelligent transport systems, urban mobility, sensors, electronics, autonomous systems, Internet of Things, etc)

The Transport KTN organises workshops to aid the process of knowledge exchange and technology transfer between the industry sectors and encourage innovative new products through the supply chain.  Make sure you join us to ensure you get to participate and gain a deeper understanding of the whole landscape, so you know where you can expand to fit any niches in the transport ecosystem.

Adjacent sector roadmaps

There are a number of other technologies, sectors and thematic areas that also have a bearing on Transport and transport infrastructure.  We outline of few of these below.


Although the Transport KTN is primarily focused on surface transport, the role of aerospace in travel and transport is one that has significant impact throughout many transport systems.

The Aerospace Technology Roadmaps are curated and maintained by the Aerospace, Aviation and Defence (AAD) Knowledge Transfer Network, and have recently undergone a refresh.  This refresh includes a top-down as well as a bottom-up approach, which allows lower TRL research to have more visibility.  All you need to do to see these roadmaps is to join the National Aerospace Technology Strategy Group, and download them.


You may also be interested in joining the Materials KTN's Roadmaps group where the Materials KTN has brought together materials-related roadmaps from across various industries, as well as making the Materials KTN internally generated roadmaps available for you to view and download.


Robotics and automonous systems are used in many different scenarios (see this article for a broad overview of the autonomous systems landscape) and it is commonly expected that autonomous vehicles will become part of the transport landscape in future.  

In 2013, Robotics and Autonomous Systems was identified by David Willetts as one of 8 great technologies and allocated a share of £600million investment.  

The EU Robotics community has produced an engaging, visually appealing roadmap for Robotics.  You can view a pdf of it by clicking here, or order one for yourelf from the Secretariat via the Robotics Technology Platform.

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Your opinion is needed: Building UK-China Innovation Future | UK Business Survey

By Becky Corfield

China is the largest and one of the most important international partners for the UK – yet the bilateral innovation links and knowledge of the challenges and opportunities in China are relatively unexplored.

There are substantial demands from Chinese businesses and government to work with UK innovation base. Equally, the demands from UK businesses and innovators for further support in accessing product and service innovation partnerships to address socioeconomic challenges and commercial exploitation in China are ever increasing.

We now need to develop a long-term strategic plan to fulfil the demands and maximise the opportunities for UK-China business-led innovation cooperation. The partnership of Innovate UK and KTN is working with FCO Beijing to establish a direct engagement and structured dialogue for key UK and Chinese industry and government stakeholders.

This survey will provide a more comprehensive insight into the ambition and priority of British companies in forging innovation collaboration with China. Responses from business community will be paramount to this initiative.


All data collected will be confidential and for internal use of Innovate UK, KTN, FCO and BEIS. The survey will close by 5:00pm on Friday 28th October 2016.