The role and activities of the Materials Community of KTN Limited


The Materials Community of KTN Limited will:


Help to identify the challenges and opportunities which face industry in chosen field of technology or business application

Broker business-to-business and business-to-academia collaborations,

Link the best of business and academia to give companies large and small easier access to new markets, new technology and skills development

Companies which join the KTN communities will have access to the very latest developments in innovation 

The Materials community of KTN Limited offers:


Technology and design support to the broader materials community

- Direct advice to companies and researchers- Signposting to technology, science or training providers- Signposting and support to gain funding for development

Promoting innovation and development

- Design support- Project definition (industrial development and industrially relevant research)- Supporting SPARK Awards for SMEs- Consortium building for EU Framework and Technology Programmes- Project management where appropriate

Knowledge exchange

- Co-ordination of interest groups- Analysis of strategic technology areas and emerging markets- Overseas missions- Organising technical meetings- Dissemination of information from KTN state-of-art reviews- Promotion of KTPs- Promoting standard work

Support for R&D funding

- Assistance in building consortia- Assistance with project management were appropriate- Promoting the work of established funders relevant to materials- Working closely with technology platforms to provide strategic input into the UK and EU Commission's work on Calls