SPARKSPARK Awards for Synthetic Biology

The Synthetic Biology Special Interest Group (SynBio SIG) held a competition for five SPARK Awards for Synthetic Biology, worth £5,000 each (plus any applicable VAT) in summer 2012.

The aim of these SPARK Awards for Synthetic Biology is to catalyse new collaborations between the research-base and industry that will facilitate the adoption of synthetic biology approaches by UK businesses.

The five successful projects were:

  • Spicer Consulting Ltd and John Innes Centre - Microalgae as chassis organisms for triterpene production
  • Supreme Biotechnologies Ltd and University College London - Algal synthetic biology as a novel approach to treating acne
  • Synthace Limited and University of Manchester - Evaluation of orthogonal riboswitches for metabolic gene expression optimization
  • Synpromics Ltd and University of Edinburgh - Automated screening methodology for synthethic promoters in plant cells
  • Prozomix Limited and Northumbria University - A genomics-led synthetic biology approach to whole cell biotransformation optimisation

This call is now closed, but please join this group in order to be kept up to date with any future SynBio SIG SPARK calls.

Further Assistance: If you would like to discuss potential project ideas or need help finding a partner please contact a member of the SynBio SIG team by emailing

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