Useful Synthetic Biology Resources and Sources of Information


The Royal Society: Synthetic Biology and Systems Biology Gateway - Provides links to the Synthetic Biology Interface focus issue, with articles covering areas such as DNA synthesis and assembly, the design of genetic networks, microbial systems, artificial life and the ethical, social and economic implications of synthetic biology.  Also, links to other related articles published by the Royal Society, documents and links related to Policy and Governance and links to synthetic biology web resources.

Registry of Standard Biological Parts - A continuously growing collection of genetic parts that can be mixed and matched to build synthetic biology devices and systems. Registry users benefit from using the parts and information available from the Registry in designing their engineered biological systems. In exchange, the expectation is that Registry users will, in turn, contribute back information and data on existing parts and new parts that they make to grow and improve this community resource.

Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL) - A software standard for the electronic exchange of specifications and descriptions of genetic parts, devices, modules, systems, and engineered genomes.

Synthetic Biology Project – A US based project that aims to foster informed public and policy discourse concerning the advancement of synthetic biology. It has an interesting news section covering topics such as ethics, public perceptions, and policy & regulation issues.

io9: Synthetic Biology – A news website which has a section dedicated to articles about synthetic biology.

BioBuilder – An educational resource.

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