Synthetic Biology Innovation and Knowledge Centre (IKC)

Led by academic institutions, IKCs are intended to accelerate the commercialisation of world-class science and emerging technologies into new products, processes or services. Designed to foster collaboration and deliver competitive advantage to the businesses with whom they interact, IKCs possess expert knowledge and understanding of core science and technologies.

Innovate UK (The new nmae for the Technology Strategy Board) ran a competition for an IKC to be established in synthetic biology to provide the important function of academic / business integration. Up to £10m of funding will be provided by Innivate UK, BBSRC and EPSRC over an initial 5-year period to help commercialise synthetic biology technologies in a responsible way.

The Synthetic Biology IKC aims to accelerate the translation of synthetic biology research into application and will be led by Professor Richard Kitney and Professor Paul Freemont at Imperial College London. The IKC will act as a hub for 16 leading academic research groups from around the country and has already engaged 14 companies and other organisations including Microsoft Research, Shell and GlaxoSmithKline.

Further details of the Synthetic Biology IKC can be found at