Funding and Finance

DNA Synthesis

The research councils will invest £18 million of the £50m for synthetic biology in DNA synthesis capability.

Seed fund

A £10m seed fund managed by BBSRC to support synthetic biology start-up companies and ‘pre-companies', was launched at HM Treasury on 31 October 2013. Further information is available at

Strategic Longer Larger Grants

In November 2012, the Chancellor announced a £20m BBSRC investment in six large research projects in synthetic biology. The six projects focus on biotechnology and advanced bioenergy and will use synthetic biology to investigate major global challenges, such as producing low-carbon fuel and reducing the cost of industrial raw materials. The projects will offer benefits for industry as well as help to build a world-leading synthetic biology research community in the UK. The awards were supported by contributions of nearly £3m from industry and three of the awards were co-funded in partnership with EPSRC, which contributed nearly £2m.

International Funds

The UK is a leading player internationally in Synthetic Biology demonstrated by our involvement in: