UK teams' medals success at iGEM 2016

By Caroline Channing

SynBio SIG would like to congratulate all the UK Teams who took part in this year's iGEM competition, and in particular those who were awarded medals, including:

  • Cambridge-JIC (Overgrad) - Awarded a Gold medal for Best plant Synthetic Biology (Overgrad)

  • Cardiff Wales (Undergrad) - Awarded a Silver medal

  • CLS-London-UK (City of London School - High school) - Awarded a Silver medal  

  • Dundee (Undergrad) - Awarded a Gold medal

  • Dundee Schools (High school) - Awarded a Gold medal

  • Edinburgh OG (Overgrad)  - Awarded a Silver medal

  • Edinburgh UG (Undergrad) - Awarded a Bronze medal

  • Exeter (Overgrad) - Awarded a Gold medal

  • Glasgow (Undergrad) - Awarded a Gold medal

  • Imperial College (Undergrad) - Awarded the Gold Grand prize winner (undergrad); best foundational advance project; best wiki; best poster; best education & public engagement; best basic new part;

  • Kent Undergrad  - Awarded a Silver medal

  • Leicester (Undergrad) 

  • Manchester (Undergrad) -  Best model

  • Newcastle (Undergrad) - Awarded a Bronze medal

  • NRP-UEQ-Norwich (Undergrad)  - Awarded a Silver medal

  • Oxford (Undergrad) - Awarded a Gold medal

  • Sheffield (Undergrad) - Awarded a Gold medal

  • UCL (Undergrad) - Awarded a Gold medal

  • Warwick (Undergrad)  - Awarded a Silver medal

  • Westminster UoW (Undergrad)  - Awarded a Bronze medal

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