Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellowships

By Caroline Channing

The Royal Society of Edinburgh has announced that the following Enterprise Fellowships are now open for applications:


BBSRC Enterprise Fellowships

Applicants must have been involved in BBSRC-funded research previously to be eligible to apply.


NERC Enterprise Fellowships 

Applicants must be engaged in projects that fit with NERC’s remit as follows:

“NERC supported Enterprise Fellowships will support researchers working within the NERC’s remit of terrestrial, marine, freshwater, science-based archaeology, atmospheric and polar sciences, and Earth observation. These one year Fellowships are open to those based in the UK who study and monitor the physical, chemical and biological processes on which our planet and life itself depends. There is no requirement for applicants to have been involved in research projects previously funded by NERC, but the project for commercialisation should fit within the NERC’s remit.” 

5 Enterprise Fellowships are available at this round!


The deadline for the above Fellowships is 5pm on Wednesday 9 November for awards beginning on 1 April 2017.

Applicants are asked to register online via the RSE website and the application documents can be found on the website at



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