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Professors Jay Keasling and Chris Voigt Announced as Keynote Speakers at the SynbiCITE & IET Engineering Biology Conference

By Caroline Channing

The 1st International Conference on Engineering Biology, co-founded by the pioneering National Industrial Translation Centre for Synthetic Biology - SynbiCITE - and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), has announced world experts Professor Jay Keasling and Professor Chris Voigt as keynote speakers, as well as a range of other international speakers.

The 3-day conference, taking place in London from 13-15 December, provides a focal point for the international synthetic biology community to meet a broad range of engineering companies that could adopt engineering biology. Presenters and exhibitors will share cutting edge R&D, applications and products, and how these are being used in industry.

Keynote speaker Professor Jay Keasling is the CEO at the Joint BioEnergy Institute and Hubbard Howe Distinguished Professor of Biochemical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley. He focuses on the metabolic engineering of microorganisms for degradation of environmental contaminants, waste remediation, and environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Keynote speaker Professor Chris Voigt is Professor of Biological Engineering at MIT. Prof Voigt’s research interests centre around the reprogramming of bacterial organisms to perform coordinated, complex tasks for pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

Chairman, Professor Richard Kitney, said “Combining synthetic biology and engineering experts is crucial to accelerating industry adoption of the technology applications and company growth that engineering biology offers. This international SynbiCITE and IET Engineering Biology Conference will bring together engineering biologists with different and diverse industries to grow opportunities and create wealth in the global bioeconomy.”

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