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Call for presentations: KTN workshop on Advanced Sensing for Biosciences, 16 March, London

By Caroline Channing

Much of the recent revolution in Bioscience and Clinical research has come through our ability to study the behaviour of biological systems at the molecular, cellular and physiological scales. Applying these insights to major challenges and market opportunities depend on further advances to ensure that studies continue to increase their sensitivity, selectivity and ease of use.

KTN is hosting a workshop on Advanced Sensing for Biosciences (16 March, London) to review emerging sensors / sensor systems with bioscience applications, with a particular focus on those technologies that could accelerate product development and market entry.


Call for presentations

We are principally looking for new, foundation technologies which could address:

  • Analysis of bio-analytes (metabolites, DNA, RNA epigenetic markers etc. ) from single cells
  • Imaging of cells and tissues
  • Non-destructive biomarkers of cellular composition and physiological changes 
  • Minimally invasive diagnostic systems 
  • Assay systems for molecular interactions e.g. Protein-Protein binding 
  • Replacements for cytology assays 
  • Remote sensors for cell viability or differentiation 
  • Sensors of neural function, from the cellular to the brain 
  • Mutation detection at population scale


Further information

Register your interest at

A full programme will follow soon.

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