Building a Synthetic Biology-rich Biotech Business from Scratch - new business acumen course from SynbiCITE

By Caroline Channing

As part of SynbiCITE’s drive to commercialise synthetic biology through taking R&D excellence in the lab to the development of tools, products, processes and services for high value manufacturing industries, they have developed a ‘4-day More Business Acumen (MBA)’ course to help develop the natural entrepreneurship that is so keenly demonstrated across their wide range of partners.

Deadline to apply to participate: 4 Dec 2015


About the course

This four-day interactive course will cover the main strategies required to establish, build and manage a biotech company built around synthetic biology. Particular focus will be given to the early stages of setting up a company, getting funding and understanding the wider reaches of IP and will be presented along with case studies from experts in these areas.

This course is ideal for synthetic biology-using biotech leaders of the future, especially those wanting to start-up their own business or in early stage businesses that use synthetic biology. 


Who should apply to participate?

The SynbiCITE 4 Day MBA: Developing Entrepreneurship in Synthetic Biology - “Building a Synthetic Biology-rich Biotech Business from Scratch” - is aimed at budding entrepreneurs, from post graduates to seasoned academics, who want to gain a thorough understanding of the biotech sector and how to start a biotech-based business, in particular one based around using synthetic biology.

SynbiCITE is seeking participicants from amongst its partners and is looking for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit with R&D that could be turned into potentially innovative products, tools, services or processes. You could be a post doc, a previous iGem competition participant, an academic or working in a company with a great idea that is a proven concept that might be commercialized through a spin-out or start-up company.

There are 24 spaces available for those who want to commit to taking part; participants will be selected on the basis of their application and potential to take their inspiration to innovation and beyond.


Further information

The course will take place at Imperial College London. The course is free of charge though participants will be expected to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements (preferential hotel rates will be available through Imperial College London).

Click here to download the application form - the deadline for applications is 4th December  2015.

If you have any questions please direct them by email to John Collins at


Note: CBMNet has travel grants available to cover the cost of travel and accommodation fro early career researchers to attend this event.

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