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Things to Consider for Installation and Maintenance of Reliable Enterprise Network Infrastructure

Definitions of terms In Networking

Network – this is an interconnection of devices to facilitate communication between nodes.

Network Infrastructure - this is the hardware, software tools or resources that are interconnected to make enterprise communication possible.

Network structure - this is a structure that facilitates data processing for the end user to get information.

We live in a digital era, where businesses need to be connected for them to fetch better returns. To achieve reliable enterprise network, this company should adopt new technology to enhance communication and productivity. Industries need to do research’s, communicate effectively, and perform tasks as fast as possible to save time and resources. Therefore a business enterprise with a good network system should have a carefully-planned network structure with well-placed network infrastructures for us to say that it has a good business network.

Benefits of having a good enterprise network infrastructure to a business

1. Having the best routers could save the company a great deal in avoiding frequent internet failures that could cause losses if the company heavily depends on the internet for its operations.
2. Using the right cables for LAN connections will fasten communication between internet users. CAT6 e & CAT6 are the most preferable for best performance as they could handle more speed and are long-lasting. They are still suitable for POE (Power Over Ethernet) Devices, e.g., CCTV Cameras. 
3. Wi-Fi receivers well placed at strategic places can enhance internet connectivity for mobile/wireless devices. These could ensure effective communication for the industries especially they depend much on internal field data
4. Fast internet connections for businesses that rely on VoIP OR Video Conferencing will guarantee fast communication along with no limitation to geographical locations.
5. IP Phones connected collectively enhances fast communication as there would be no need to walk through offices for any clarifications. 
6. The network that is well planned by a Network engineer will help organize the company as communication can be centralized
7. In small-scale industries, a freelance Network Technician can be hired to maintain the enterprise network infrastructure thus saving the company spending too much on an Engineer.

Since the core objective of a company is to make profits at times, businesses prefer to hire a freelance technician to do thorough, frequent maintenance of the network infrastructure at a lower price than a qualified Network Engineer. These also have fostered the growth of companies which offer Technicians for hire to Industries and Small Businesses. Such companies have links to Engineers, Technicians as well as Hardware Technicians who are all qualified. Depending on the nature of the client’s job, they would connect the client with the most appropriate Technician available for a Fee to create and manage the enterprise network.

The best site that hires freelance Network Technicians in the Telecommunication industry is Global Freelance Marketplace Company which links businesses with Engineers and Technicians Globally. It’s a Networked connection globally. Companies could get their Networks, and infrastructures fixed any time anywhere. They have a field engineer platform where they try to eliminate the communications barriers between companies and cons. It’s a reliable source for the businesses. The Client posts a job in the marketplace through the site. Field engineers get notifications through their gadgets, e.g., smartphones. The engineers apply for the posts then the company assigns them the clients Consignment. When the job is complete, the client approves the job, and the engineers get paid by the company immediately. The company is regarded the best networking site for Businesses and Engineers.



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