More about SIA

The Royal Society’s 2009 report “Reaping the Benefits” introduced the concept of the Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture to a wide audience, with widespread acceptance that this has to be the way forward if we are to feed a global population of 10 billion by 2050, given the ‘Perfect Storm’ of events outlined by UK Govt. chief Scientist Prof. Sir John Beddington.

But what exactly does that phrase mean? To produce more food from the same area of land but with no additional negative impacts on the environment there are both challenges and exciting opportunities for science and technology to revolutionise elements throughout the production, processing and distribution of food. There will also be opportunities for everyone involved along each supply chain and challenges for policy makers to identify and facilitate delivery of optimised systems which enhance efficient use of resources and enable local/ regional choices about land-use priorities.

This group has been established to promote discussion and dialogue about how to deliver sustainable intensification and to provide a forum for knowledge-sharing across different interest groups and a repository for information. It is open to anyone to join from anywhere across the EU and beyond.