Climate Change

Climate change will affect our food supply

Climate change is forecast to have both local and global effects on food supply, changing what crops can be grown where and changing substantially the local prevalence of pests and disease of crops and animals. 

The Agriculture and Food industries are major contributors of Green House Gases, especially Nitrous Oxide and Methane from primary production, but also CO2 from fossil fuel use.


Coping with the effects of climate change

The KTN aims to facilitate the development of more robust and adapted crops and livestock, and flexible supply chains.

In particular, the KTN will assist industry and the research base to exploit opportunities for improvements in the Nitrogen and Carbon Life Cycle efficiency of food supply. Major opportunities exist in improving the nitrogen efficiency of crops and reducing methane production from livestock.

Case studies

A low-energy, cost-effective and flexible technology for removing copper from whisky distillery waste water.

Developing new legume varieties with higher yields and better agronomic characteristics.