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Upcoming workshops on sustainable food production

The Advanced Training Partnership (ATP) for Sustainable and Efficient Food Production is holding a couple of interesting workshops in July.


Celebrating Home-Grown Feed!
15th and 16th July nr. Cirencester
Just how viable is growing your own feed? This workshop will feature: Domestic alternatives for complete feed rations; Building soil fertility through crop rotation; Maximising production from Home Grown Feeds; Maize; Fodder brassicas; and Legumes. Learn how to plan a feed scheme and visit a farm that’s successfully growing its own.


Grass: Turning Sunlight into Cash
30th and 31st July nr. Chester
Many years of sound research have determined how to manage grazing to optimise dairy, beef and sheep productivity. This workshop provides an in-depth look at how this is done effectively; and looks at the latest findings from IBERS and Teagasc.


Can't make it to these workshops? Take a look at their website at for a list of other the workshops they will be running this year.

Please contact for more details. 

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